My First Furry Con

February 8, 2024

I have been a furry for some time now and one thing I have always wanted to do is go to one of the many ‘Furcons’ or furry conventions but could never afford to do so nor could I get a ride from family and friends because they do not know.

But I had a big opportunity arise when my friend told me I could take the bus, after some research I found that there is a con nearby where my mom lives and I could get the whole trip for cheap, this was perfect as I have been wanting to go see my mom. Once I had arrived at my mom’s I was able to convince her to drive me to the nearby convention; she already knew I was a furry and had no problem driving me there and back, she truly is amazing to do all that for me.

The convention was the best experience I’ve had all year without a doubt and was a real treat for myself one that I needed as alot of family stuff happened. One thing I can say for sure is that the convention proved how much I loved the fandom as I was hooked from the moment I got there. I got to meet  so many fursuiters and even hug a few of them,

Meeting Fursuiter Post Content

Even got to meet two people I am in a discord community with while I was there and it made the whole experience even better. Another thing I can say for sure is there is alot of cuteness and fun to be had at a convention, and it is an amazing space to be yourself. You are definitely able to relax and feel safe with all the amazing people you meet at conventions. Even at the rave party event they had on the weekend I danced like a dummy but I did not care as I was having so much fun.
Photo is me and a furry called ThatClosetfox

Artwork For Fursona Post Content
Ifc Badge Artwork Post Content

Even go a few art pieces of my fursona and a couple of other pieces to take back home with me from the dealers den which is a marketplace at the convention. Even got myself a badge. Overall the whole experience of the convention was amazing, from the amazing people I met to the raving parties and of course the amazing merch you can buy at the dealers den, it really was the best experience of the entire year. I cannot wait to attend another convention.

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