Why I Haven’t Made the Leap to the New M3 MacBook Pro Just Yet?

November 23, 2023

Apple recently made headlines with their much-anticipated announcement of the M3 MacBook Pro, and the tech world is buzzing with excitement. The sleek design, powerful performance, and innovative features of this latest release have captivated the attention of many eager consumers.

As a developer, I can certainly appreciate the allure of staying on the cutting edge of technology. However, upon careful consideration, I have decided to exercise some patience and hold off on upgrading to the M3 MacBook Pro for now. Allow me to delve deeper into the reasoning behind this decision and shed light on some key factors that influenced my choice.

M1 Pro is Still a Powerhouse

The M1 Pro currently in my possession is an exceptional machine that still delivers an impressive performance. Its battery life, stability, and overall quality are all exceptional, and I haven’t encountered any issues thus far. Given the capabilities of the M1 Pro chip, it’s difficult to envision the M3 MacBook Pro offering a significantly superior performance, and I see no need to spend extra money on an unnecessary upgrade.

Price Point is High

When it comes to extra expenses, the price of the M3 MacBook Pro is undeniably steep. Cutting-edge technology often comes with a premium, and this release is no exception. Starting at $1,999 for the base model, the fully loaded version can easily surpass $3,000. As a developer, I prefer to invest my money in tools that truly make a difference in my work. While the M3 MacBook Pro may boast some impressive new features, it doesn’t currently justify the hefty price tag for me.

Speed Considerations

Another important factor in my decision to hold off on upgrading to the M3 Macbook Pro is the reported speed of the RAM and the SSD. Despite being the latest model, the M3 doesn’t bring much improvement in these areas when compared to the M1 Pro. It’s essential for my work as a developer to have a machine that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without any hitches. With the M1 Pro still performing admirably in terms of speed and multitasking efficiency, the M3’s less-than-significant improvement in these areas does not warrant an upgrade.

Future Releases

Apple has a history of releasing multiple versions and variations of their products throughout the year. While the M3 MacBook Pro is undoubtedly impressive, there could very well be a more advanced version or updated model in the works that may better suit my needs as a developer. By exercising patience and waiting for future releases, I can make a more informed decision and potentially save some money in the process.

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As a developer, I understand the allure of having the latest technology right at your fingertips. However, I find myself not yet compelled to upgrade to the M3 MacBook Pro. The M1 Pro continues to perform admirably, and considering the steep price tag of the M3, potential technological hiccups, and challenges in availability and supply chain, I have made the decision to hold off for now. While the M3 MacBook Pro may be an excellent choice for some, it may not be the ideal investment for everyone.

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