Alan Crytex

Alan Crytex was using a third-party service with a subdomain their host company branding. Moved them to a free GitHub page hosing with a GitHub domain as it looked more professional using a CMS like Jekyll was great for the time but due to issues with having to be tech savvy, but it was the best for the time and budget.  But once they wanted an upgrade II convinced them to get it converted to using CMS like WordPress and a speedy easy to use theme like Divi which looks professional but is easy for them to add content. 

So far, they have collaborated with companies such as Monstercat, Proximity, Wave Music, Trap Nation, Revealed Records, Sleepy World. Ever since then he has been happy with what was built and setup.  Plus, he can edit as needed without being a vendor locked into paying a high price forever.  It was great working with them, and I loved the outcome with the new site as it is clean, simple, but also very modern. 

Therefore, I always try to move people off that vendor lock in as once you are in your in.  With using the CMS that is self-hosted you have more control and can grow your brand.

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