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Published on : May 20, 2021


Was using a third party with their powered by

Growing VFX Contactor

Growing their business to leading industry companies

Alan Crytext is a VFX contractor with extensive experience, having collaborated with prominent organizations such as Monstercat, Proximity, Wave Music, Trap Nation, Revealed Records, and Sleepy World.

At the beginning of their journey, Alan Crytex utilized a third-party service that provided them with a subdomain and brand of the hosting company. It was I who suggested that they migrate to a free GitHub page that included a GitHub domain as a more appropriate setup. This had the benefit of a content management system (CMS) like Jekyll and fit their budget when their business was just getting off the ground. Now that the enterprise is flourishing, it was time to explore further options. We decided to opt for a WordPress-based CMS combined with an intuitive theme like Divi that gave the user a modern and polished experience when creating content.

By teaming up with acclaimed music labels such as Monstercat, Proximity, and Wave Music, the organization broadened its horizons and extended its reach, leading to a growth in their clientele. Moreover, the continual honing of their visual effects capabilities resulted in their creation of stunning music videos.

The client and I are delighted with the outcome of the new website; it looks contemporary and boasts an innovative VFX to separate them from their competitors. To further amplify their presence, advanced SEO tools were integrated, enabling them to rank higher in searches.

As the results clearly demonstrate, their portfolio website enabled them to collaborate with larger labels and create outstanding music videos.

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