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Published on : January 8, 2022


Small business that was growing rapidly

Clean & more functionality website

One on one support

My local Medical Grade Aesthetics has put together a selection of cosmetic treatments to aid you in achieving the look you desire and being at your healthiest throughout every stage of life. When you visit the clinic, a professional and qualified medical provider will have a private session with you and develop a tailored care plan to both optimize your appearance and well-being while providing you with the self-confidence you deserve!

With their business experiencing rapid growth, they realized their existing website needed to be overhauled. To this end, I reconstructed it, making it easier for them to add additional services, optimize their search engine optimization, and launch a store to offer products.

My client was delighted to have discovered me, as the expansion of their business was stalled due to a lack of assistance. Furthermore, they were told that their customers have been admiring the new and improved website.

The outcomes demonstrate that their organization is developing rapidly and now they have many more clients in their CRM. Customers applauding their new website is a strong indicator of success, and I noticed that their site’s rankings have risen compared to its previous standing.

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