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Published on : January 14, 2022


Learning Nuxt/Vue

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It all started when I was constantly having to look up the streamer IDs to utilize with the Twitch API, so I thought it would be a perfect initial Nuxt front-end project. Because this project was only focused on the front-end and didn’t require any back-end development, it was an excellent starting point for me to begin my journey. It gave me the opportunity to gain a better comprehension of how to craft a serverless Nuxt application that was able to handle scalability. Now, it’s up and running and can be utilized for free by anyone interested in checking it out. It’s hosted right here.
I was hesitant to utilize the store at first, but with the help of a smaller project, I was able to get a better understanding of its use, in its most rudimentary form, to store temporary data which could then be used on the front-end in various places, and updated effortlessly.

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