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Published on : January 14, 2022


Learning Nuxt/Vue

Needed a tool for Development

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During the developmental phase, I identified the requirement for retrieving Twitch user ids. This prompted me to create a specialized tool that would simplify this process. This seemingly simple tool has drastically accelerated the time taken to associate usernames with their Twitch IDs, when the need arises.

With this project, I had the perfect opportunity to hone my front-end development capabilities, as it enabled me to check off several important skills – integrating a 3rd party API, experimenting with a UI framework, and gaining expertise in building a server-side rendered application with Vue.

During the creation of this project, I encountered a few hindrances, yet I was able to surpass them and develop the initial working MVP of the web application. It continues to operate even to this present day.

The outcome of my efforts was a stellar portfolio project that has enabled me to expand my development capabilities. Furthermore, this project has been a valuable asset for others to leverage as they create their own applications, with several individuals utilizing it to great effect.

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