Becoming a Rising Professional

April 18, 2022
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It all started with a coffee hour hosted by a group called the Rising Professionals.  I joined and was able to network with multiple people and even score new clients as well.  Once Covid hit things went into Zoom calls more which allowed me to try some of the wellness Wednesdays for free.  The wellness Wednesdays are well worth the yearly fee which is already low to start with.

Both all the networking events to meet new professionals to hopefully build a stronger network which can keep growing. Plus, the wellness Wednesday which is different talks hosted by speakers which can help you become the professional you want to become in your business and or job.  Being able to help your mental health and being able to learn how deal with different workspace problems.

It’s such an excellent group of people to be involved with people of all ages.  All are welcome.  If you want to check out the group, it self-check it out here.

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