Mac Mini for streaming?

April 7, 2022

2020 was a wild year for the new releases of M1 hardware such as the iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and most importantly the new Mac Mini.  The world of live streaming is changing forever.  It was a learning curve with switching from Windows to macOS.

First, we need to make sure the device is updated which you mostly already did but if you did not you can click on the apple icon and go to “About this mac” and click software update to make sure.

After you have done that, you can install OBS in two ways one by going to the download page here which will require Rosetta 2 for now or if you have brew installed you can get just do a simple command.

brew install – cask obs

Once OBS is installed.  You can open it and set up the settings to use the hardware encoding on the M1.  Which is so we can use the eight core GPU on the Mac Mini

OBS Output Settings

Now just set up OBS like normal.  With alerts and overlays and, more.

You will be shocked to know the audio is broken for some reason but there is an easy fix for that.  I use a free tool called black hole which can be installed here.   It’s free and open source.

After you install and reboot, open the MIDI tools.  Click the plus icon in the bottom left.  Create a new multi-outport device.  With the following controls. Make sure you assign your headphones.

Create multi output device

MIDI Settings

Once this is done then in OBS you should be able to select the blackhole as a device for the desktop audio.  Make sure your audio is also selected as the new MIDI device name otherwise you won’t audio on OBS.

Now you’re ready to go and live stream and or record with OBS on macOS with the M1 chip.

In conclusion the new Mac Mini is a powerful device.  And could help a lot of new people start streaming as it’s both budget friendly and a great powerful device as well.

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