macOS vs Windows 10 for development

December 15, 2020

Windows 10 with WSL helped developers all over.

Windows 10 with WSL helped developers all over the world.  Just like macOS has been for years due to a community project called homebrew and having LAMP pre-installed.  Like for web developers, this can be great for them.  Being able to get started out of the box.   Windows on the other side have WSL which you can install multi distros.  I have full Linux on windows 10 with running ubuntu myself it made it easy to clone my development and prod env.   Also, as Ubuntu is the most used, I can install anything from ubuntu guides.  MacOS is still good for development with faster speeds due to WSL being limited on speed as windows defender scanning everything.   You can run a native Linux OS with app support which is nice to have.  Windows, on the other hand, does work very well, most packages are supported.  You can run a whole LAMP Stack as seen here and install NodeJS to develop apps.

The best part is its Linux, you can follow any guide on the distro you’re using.  Many developers have changed to using WSL from the native install of NodeJS and LAMP Stacks due to it being Linux.  Just remember it may be little slower because of windows defender but what I notice is if you add your projects directly to the exclusions list then it does run a bit faster.

Both are great for development just depends on your preference if you want to run windows or macOS.  Mac does have a higher price tag than windows.   Just pick wisely so you don’t pay too much.  It is worth checking out macOS if you really think you may like it.

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