Reasons remote work can be a good thing

September 30, 2021
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Is remote work good for an employee?

Does it help, or does it make things worse?  There are many questions you may be asking yourself about this simple thing that exists.

It can be a good thing if they are already working from home to get out of their house and work from a public place they enjoy.  Little treats sometimes can motivate people.   And being in the same place is really mind changing as it can make some depressed and be like being locked up all the time.  My self-go once a week to either Starbucks or to a public library to get a new place to work in.  Starbucks to me is a little treat occasionally.  Since then, I have been happier and not have that feeling like I am locked up in my home office.

Remote work also has another side to it.   When you’re a freelancer or contractor and work for a company remotely.  You need to set aside room for working so you can sleep easier.  Studies show working in your bed/bedroom can have side effects of sleep issues.   That’s why you work in another room or a spare room office.

We all have done remote work in some way, and it shows how to work very well for some.  Just a time to get work done but also get to meet others if you can.

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